Our focus on energy is consistent with our corporate strategy to generate value through efficiency and optimization.

Energy Chart

We understand that improved energy efficiency delivers both direct and indirect emission reduction and economic benefits. Our manufacturing processes are heavily dependent on energy, and we are committed to continuously looking for ways to advance toward our goal of reducing our overall energy intensity by reducing our consumption and harnessing waste energy often lost in our processes. 

Our work focuses on new innovations in equipment, process technologies, and waste heat recovery and utilization as our primary levers to help us achieve efficiency improvements while also considering alternative energy sources to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

We made significant progress toward our 2025 goal of exporting 200% of the energy we import. We achieved a record amount of energy exports and imported energy per ton of product, raising our energy ratio to its highest level yet, at 157%. This accomplishment is the result of our actions to improve energy efficiency and to proactively invest in energy recovery systems, which make our facilities energy self-sufficient and net exporters to nearby businesses and communities.

Energy recovery and energy efficiency continue to be two important focus areas of our environmental strategy while we explore new opportunities to innovate and invest in lower-carbon production processes.