Product Sustainability

Our vision of delivering performance that makes a difference is exemplified by our products that provide health, safety, environmental and other sustainability benefits for our customers.

Our Commitment

We are committed to continuing to develop innovative products that improve the performance of our customers’ products by imparting properties that extend product life spans, increase fuel efficiency and optimize resource conservation. We look to grow our involvement in the circular economy by developing opportunities to use waste or byproducts as raw materials, and we understand that, as responsible manufacturers, we have an obligation to share comprehensive information on the health, safety and environmental aspects of our products. 

Our Performance

Innovation in energy storage 

As part of our commitment to advancing the energy industry, we were excited to announce our participation in two United States Department of Energy research projects, for lithium-ion and lead acid battery materials. We will leverage our novel process technology to contribute to the research and development of low-cobalt active cathode formulations for next-generation lithium-ion batteries. Research projects like these are designed to explore more sustainable, affordable options to cobalt, and ultimately to improve access to electric vehicle technology. For the lead acid battery project, we and fellow members of the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium are funding research by Argonne National Laboratory aimed at gaining the critical knowledge needed to create the next generation of lead batteries that will provide economical, recyclable and rechargeable energy storage. In addition to these two projects, we lend our expertise to several other partner-led research projects designed to advance the technologies of tomorrow.

Applying carbon nanostructure technologies 

In 2018, we gained capabilities in carbon nanostructure (CNS) technologies. We are working with customers serving the automotive industry to advance applications of CNS-containing composites for a wide range of conductive applications, including electrostatic discharge and electromagnetic interference shielding. These composites enable light-weighting and electrification, which help the industry achieve its future vision of more sustainable mobility. This innovative technology will also enable us to develop advanced formulated solutions for energy storage applications, enabling batteries to operate longer with greater capacity.

Compliance with REACH 

We successfully completed registrations under the European Union (EU) REACH chemical regulation in 2018. Since initial requirements began under this rule in 2010, we have been focused on meeting our obligations for the diverse set of products we manufacture in or import into the EU. Our efforts include partnering with our peers through our industry groups and REACH consortia. We are committed to maintaining our focus on compliance with REACH and other global product regulatory obligations.

Advancing Our Customers

We are constantly working with our customers to find innovative solutions that will help them advance their own products. In many cases, this allows us to work with customers who have their own ambitions for sustainability by developing products with superior efficiency, durability, or cutting edge applications like those for renewable energy.