Aerogel Particles

Our aerogel particles deliver superior thermal insulation, light diffusion, high surface area and more, making them an ideal solution from building materials to industrial coatings.

Cabot industrial-grade aerogel particles are successfully delivering superior thermal insulation performance in cutting-edge building products and industrial energy-saving materials. Our aerogel particles have outstanding flowability enabling easy transport and handling. 

  • ENTERA™ aerogel particles are exceptional thermal insulation additives that enable formulation flexibility and can be incorporated into different types of thermal barriers, such as blankets, pads, sheets, films, foams, and coatings for batteries in electric vehicles  
  • LUMIRA® aerogel is designed to optimize light transmission for use in architectural daylighting applications. 
  • ENOVA® aerogel is engineered for demanding specialty chemical applications such as insulative coatings, ultra-low gloss and light diffusion, and skin and beauty care.