Elastomer Composites

Our elastomer composites are a unique solution made primarily of natural rubber and reinforcing materials such as carbon black.

Elastomer composites can be used in off-the-road tire, rubber track and mining applications. They are produced in a proprietary and patented mixing process that enables a superior level of carbon black dispersion and creates materials that are structurally different from compounds produced by conventional methods. When mixed with curing agents, molded or extruded and then vulcanized, our elastomer composites transform performance through dramatic improvements to rubber properties that are critical for off-the-road applications such as energy loss (hysteresis) and resistance to abrasion, cutting or chipping. 

Our elastomer composites have been proven to both lower the operating temperatures and extend the life of off-the-road tires and have been shown to double the fatigue life of rubber parts.

elasstomer composites