E2C™ solutions enable custom compounders and off-the-road (OTR) tire retreaders to maximize the life of tires, further reduce the cost per hour and minimize end-of-life tire logistics and disposal costs for more sustainable fleet operations.

Engineered Elastomer Composites for Retread

For many years, sophisticated mine operators and retreading companies have recognized the benefits of retreading OTR tires to optimize productivity, reduce costs and improve the environmental footprint of mining operations.

E2C™ solutions can enable further improvements in performance, economics and sustainability for OTR tire retreading. These state-of-the-art elastomer composites based on liquid mixing technology are formulated for specific applications, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming evaluation of specific fillers and allowing design times to move straight into final compound optimization.

Retreads made with E2C™ solutions last longer and are more energy efficient than those made with conventional rubber compounds, maximizing haulage operations for even more cost efficient and sustainable tire management, a benefit for mine and quarry operators.

And because E2C™ solutions are delivered in a pre-mixed form, rubber compound suppliers can create differentiated products using current production equipment without the need to handle additional specialty fillers, expanding production capacity by reducing both the time and total number of mixing steps.

The E2C™ solutions family includes these products for retread applications:   

Durability Series: Products designed to reduce in-field failures, extend tire/compound life in the harshest environments and maximize operational uptime

Special Polymers


  • E2C™ DX9730 offers breakthrough improvements in cut, chip, and chunk resistance, reduces the risk of catastrophic tire failures and unplanned vehicle service and increases fleet utilization. 


Special Polymers


  • E2C™ DX9640 offers breakthrough performance gains in abrasion resistance and is formulated to provide 20% longer tread life and/or lower heat buildup without sacrificing cut/chip/chunk performance.


Foundation Series: Products designed to deliver multidimensional performance for a variety of tire types

Special Polymers


  • E2C™ FX9390 is formulated to deliver significant performance improvement balanced across cut/chip/chunk resistance, heat buildup and abrasion resistance in OTR mining tires. When combined with other E2C solutions, FX9390 provides tread compound designers with flexibility to meet a range of retread performance requirements.

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